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Module 8: Harm Reduction

Module 8: Harm Reduction

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s Position Statement on Harm Reduction Position. Based on the PRINCIPLES OF HARM REDUCTION (International Harm Reduction Association, 2010): client-centered, non-judgmental, and facilitative, rather than coercive; targets the causes of risks and harms; is evidence-informed, practical, feasible, effective, safe, and cost-effective; promotes autonomy and dignity; is transparent, and accountable. It values meaningful engagement and participation of affected communities in the program and policy decisions that affect them; challenges policies and practices that maximize harm. This includes criminalization, discrimination, abstinence-only services, and social inequities.


Peer Engagement in Harm Reduction Services 

Peers are the experts in their own experience and provide important perspectives and a reality check. A peer can be defined as a person with equal standing in a community who share a common lived experience.  Peer engagement can address equity of harm reduction services and  interventions by fostering communication, building trust, increasing knowledge, and reducing stigma and discrimination to remove barriers and increase utilization of services.  This resource comes from BC.