Module 1: For new ED’s

Module 1: For new Executive Directors (and seasoned ones too!)

How to Become a Great Executive Director

Advice for Your First 30 Days on the Job

Filling the Shoes of a Long Term Executive Director/Founder

How to Write a Great Board Report

Includes a downloadable template

5 Ideas for Great Board Meetings

You have a board meeting coming up.  There’s always a board meeting coming up. Didn’t you just have one?  Whether a retreat, a quarterly, or a monthly meeting, here are some suggestions to create an atmosphere of “mission-passion”.

Crisis Response

A leader’s response in time of distress can have an impact on the workplace and employees. Thoughtful action and preventive measures can help facilitate the best possible response while reducing stress for everyone involved.

New Staff Recruitment

A humourous/serious blog post on disclosing salary range when recruiting staff.

Staff Who Aren’t a Good Fit

A humourous/serious blog post about unsuitable staff. 

Can We All Just Admit There is No Such Thing as Non Profit Sustainability?

A humourous/serious blog post by an American non profit executive director that looks at the ongoing funding challenges of non profits.

Embracing Failure

An article about how to embrace failure for future success.

Technology Wellness in the Workplace 

A Slideshare from a workshop by Beth Kanter, trainer and non profit thought leader.  Thought provoking slides to help us gage how the use of technology impacts the lives of us and our teams.

Running a Shelter with Minimal Rules

We know that abusers often impose many rules on their partners to rob them of their autonomy. We want to create environments where survivors can reclaim their autonomy, and feel secure without excessive rules and punitive systems that echo abusers’ rules.  This video plus series of articles in the Dig Deeper section explores how shelters and programs can work with minimal rules.