Module 14: Grant Writing and Fundraising

Module 14: Grant Writing and Fundraising

A Quick Guide to Writing a Compelling Case Statement

Nearly every fundraising training, instructional book, web page, etc. starts out with the idea that before you dive into the strategies and tactics of asking for monetary support of your mission you need to develop a “case for support” or “case statement.” This short piece is written to give you a quick overview of a) what ‘case’ means; b) simple, starter tips on how to generate your ‘case;’ and c) where and when to use your ‘case’ once it is written.

An Executive Director’s Role in Creating a Fund Raising Plan

A blogpost with solid advice about first steps in creating a fundraising plan, whether or not you have a fund development staff.

A Guide to the Perfect Fundraising Plan

A blog post about what needs to be included in a fund raising plan.

How to Forecast Fundraising Revenue    

A blogpost about using historical data and common sense to craft your fundraising forecast. 

Making the Case for Hiring a Development Director

Nonprofits simply can’t meet their missions without generating revenue and unless your organization has a fee for service component, fundraising is how you get dollars in the door. While many small organizations can go without a development staff, a professional fundraising operation is crucial for long-term sustainability.

How to Increase Online Donations in Four Steps

Here are four improvements your nonprofit can make to its website (along with examples) that, combined with a smart digital marketing plan, almost guarantee you better online results and an increase in online donations.

How to Increase Online Donations in Four Steps

The success of a special event is not about the money you make at it.  It’s about the money that follows.  This blogpost outlines a plan for capitalizing on the power of special events.

How to Plan a Successful Smaller Fund Raiser

Here are 10 things you can do to put the “special” into your next small fundraising event

How to Create Special Events that are Truly Special

In this blogpost, you will find five extremely practical things you can do at your special events.

A Perfect Recipe for a Fund-Raising Lunch

A blogpost about how to successfully have lunch with a donor prospect.

How to Raise Serious Money for Your Non Profit in 30 Days

A blogpost about how to create a 30 day fund raising plan.

9 Principles of Community-Centric Fundraising

A blog post to challenge your thoughts about how non profits fund raise, and how you might incorporate some or all of the principles in your work.

Charity Village Canada

Links to a grant writing podcast, Canadian government and corporate funding programs, and grant writing tips

Strategies for Effective Proposal Writing

A resource manual with guidelines to help your organization decide whether or not to apply for funding and a step-by-step process by which to proceed.

A 5 Step Guide to Budget Development

The guide also includes adaptable templates was developed by FMA, Fiscal Strength for Non-Profits, 2015.