Who benefits?

Risk assessment is important and protects you as a staff, your clients and your agency. Risk assessment provides an objective tool to help you make decisions and backs up your treatment plan in the future.

Who does it benefit?


Risk assessment tools make your life easier! With a tool you are able to use not only your professional judgment, but evidence based decision making. Safety plans or other actions have a purpose, determined by the risk assessment. The results of an assessment will also indicate to you how at-risk the client is, protecting both you and the client.


Your clients may underestimate how ‘at-risk’ they are. A risk assessment offers self-awareness and insight for the client and their situation. Going through the risk assessment process protects the client and keeps them safe, by implementing next steps and an appropriate safety plan.


Risk assessment tools ensure your agency is taking all necessary actions to protect the clients they serve. The assessment tools used across the agency improve communication and ensure continuity between staff.