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Research Report – Women using Shelter Services in Manitoba

Shelter services in Manitoba or Canada for that matter have been inherently confidential due to the alarming safety risks experienced by victims of domestic and family violence.  Perhaps in some ways that’s why it’s been difficult to get the message out that domestic violence does still exist and it’s still predominately males who inflict violence upon females.  Despite years of work by thousands of dedicated workers and volunteers, nothing has changed, it’s still happening at an alarming and fatal rate.

Statistical data is one way to paint a picture of experiences of the women and children and through the generous assistance from the University of Manitoba under the capable hands of Judith Hughes, Sid Frankel, Cathy Rocke, Diane Heibert-Murphy and Isabelle Cote they have put together a report based on aggregate data from shelters in Manitoba over an extended timeframe.  Women Using Shelter Services in Manitoba