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Provincial Shelter Stats for 2018-2019 are in….


Shelter statistics go up and down every year and although a necessary tool to monitor  the state of family violence it doesn’t show the human suffering of interpersonal and family violence.

In Manitoba the provincially funded emergency interpersonal and family violence shelters are funded by the Manitoba government – Family Violence Prevention program. Data from this summary came from the following shelters: Agape House – Steinbach, Aurora House – The Pas, Genesis House – Winkler, IKWE-Widdjiitiwin –Winnipeg, Nova House – Selkirk, Parkland Crisis Centre –Dauphin, Portage Family Abuse Prevention Centre – Portage la Prairie, Thompson Crisis Centre – Thompson, Willow Place – Winnipeg and YWCA Westman Women’s Shelter – Brandon.

In the 2018-2019 fiscal year shelters provided 39,742 bednights plus another 9,289 bednights in Interim Housing (total 49,031), up from 2017-2018 fiscal year where shelters provided 37,097 bednights plus another 9,253 bednights in Interim housing. The term Bednights refers to each night that a bed is occupied in shelter e.g.: Mom with two children = 3 bednights.

Shelters provided service to 3,338 individuals: 1,451 residential women and men 1,149 residential children, 329 non-residential women and men, 56 non-residential children, 222 follow up women and men and 86 follow up children  up from last year of 3,068 individuals: 1,277 residential women and men, 1,105 residential children, 398 non-residential women and men, 44 non-residential children, 209 follow up women and 35 follow up children.

Of the residential and Interim housing clients, the average stay was 11 nights and each client participated in an average of 11 counselling sessions.

Of the residential clients 31 adults and 69 children resided after leaving emergency shelter in Interim Housing units for 9,289 bednights last year, up slightly from 2017-2018.

Shelters answered 16,792 crisis line calls up from last year of 11,349 calls.


Data provided by FVPP (Family Violence Prevention Program, Manitoba Government)

  • 6 shelters provide Interim Housing, this is temporary housing arranged through the shelter to help clients who are unable to find housing.
  • Interim Housing is not a funded program by the Manitoba Government
  • “Residential” means clients stayed in either the shelter or a hotel room (based on safety and space available)
  • “Non-residential” means a client access services from a shelter but did not live in shelter or at a hotel
  •  “Follow up” means a client previously stayed at a shelter/hotel and has chosen to continue to receive service from the shelter but is either living on their own or may be staying temporarily in Interim Housing.