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MAWS provides information only. If you are in danger call 911. If you or someone you know is being abused, call the confidential 24/7 provincial toll-free crisis & support line at: 1-877-977-0007

More Than A Bed

This is such an appropriate title for the nation report authored by Krystle Maki, PhD and produced by Women’s Shelters Canada (WSC).  Thank you Krystal and Lise Martin, Executive Director of WSC, and all the rest of the staff for envisioning and making this report happen.  This vital information allows everyone to get a glimpse of what shelters in Canada are facing and it’s alarming.

Manitoba closely mirrors the responses of shelters all over Canada.  It’s dismal and somewhere along the way the government lost sight of the big picture and that is our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and friends are being killed and maimed because an abuser for whatever reason feels he can inflict abuse and not be held accountable for his actions. (The large majority of perpetrators are male, so I’ll use he/his/him.)  Additionally children are witness to the abuse, often developing health issues, mental health issues or even violent tendencies themselves as their abuse may not be treated or even acknowledged.

Wake up people, violence is not going away, make a stand and let your voice be heard.  If you want shelters to continue the amazing work they do and be there for women, children and men who are abused let your politician know!

More Than A Bed