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Third Party Fundraising Guidelines and Application

Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelters Inc. (MAWS)

Third Party Event Fundraising Guidelines and Application


MAWS wants your fundraising activity to be successful, and we can assist you by:
• Providing a letter of authorization to validate the authenticity of your event
• Ensuring your contribution is designated to the area of your choice
• Supplying tax receipts to your donors who make cheques payable to Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelters Inc.

MAWS truly appreciates all donations to support victims of domestic violence, but if you wish to use our logo and name to help promote your event or fundraiser please review the following and complete the application.

Please be advised that by publicly naming MAWS as the benefactor of your event or promotion, you are required to donate the proceeds to MAWS and MAWS is not responsible for any financial losses. We appreciate your support – together we can make a difference.

A third party application form must be completed and submitted to the Provincial Coordinator no less than one week prior to the proposed fundraising activity. Approval will be granted on a per event/promotion basis. Applicants must reapply annually (if applicable).

We reserve the right to deny any application for fundraising that is not in line with the mission of MAWS or that does not support a positive image of MAWS and its members.

Permission must be given for use of our name, logo and other corporate identity elements in conjunction with your event or promotion of the event. All publicity must be approved prior to distribution.

Please email copies to or they may be submitted to MAWS THIRD PARTY EVENTS, C/O Genesis House Box 389 Winkler, MB R6W 4A6. Please allow 4 weeks if mailing forms. Logo files will be supplied by email upon approval.

Publicity may not imply that any event is sponsored or co-sponsored by MAWS, or that we are involved in any way other than as the beneficiary. The event name must be followed by “in support of” or “Proceeds to” followed by the MAWS logo or MAWS name spelled out fully.

The public should be informed of how MAWS will benefit from the event or promotion. If we will receive a portion or percentage of the proceeds, the exact percentage must be clearly stated on all related publicity.

If MAWS is not the sole beneficiary of the third party fundraising event please state that on the application.
MAWS is not liable for any injuries sustained by event volunteers or participants, and cannot assume any type of liability for third party fundraising events.

MAWS cannot provide volunteers for your event. For more information please contact the Provincial Coordinator at 204-430-4346.

Please print clearly.

Part One: Contact Information
Contact Person:

Phone & Email:
Mailing Address:

I have read, understand and agree to abide by the preceding guidelines for special events and promotions to benefit MAWS.
Signature ______________________________________________ Date__________________________

Part Two: Event Information
Description of Event:

Name of Proposed Event:

Please indicate the kind of support you would like from MAWS, if any:

Part Three: Financial Information
Please attach a copy of the event budget, if applicable
Estimated Income:
Estimated Expenses:
Estimated Donation:

Will charitable tax receipts be required for individuals?
Will other charities benefit from the event?

Please be advised that by publicly naming MAWS as the benefactor of your event or promotion, you are required to donate the proceeds to MAWS. MAWS is not responsible for any financial losses. We appreciate your support – together we can make a difference.

Please email the completed application to attention Provincial Coordinator
If you wish to mail the application please notify the Provincial Coordinator by email or call 204-430-4346 and allow 4 weeks to process.

Canada Revenue Agency has increased rules and regulations around charity tax receipts. Tax receipts cannot be issued to an organization for a collections of funds or for monies raised by employees through a casual day fundraiser: i.e. jeans day, bake sale, hot dog sale, etc.

Goods and services not eligible for tax receipts include the purchase of items such as raffle tickets, admission ticket, greens fees, or donated services, valuable art or antiques etc., must be appraised for donation receipt value.

Tax receipts can be issued to individuals who donate money if they provide their full name and full mailing address.
Donations made by corporations will be issued a tax receipt if requested by the organization on official letterhead, and provided the donation does not represent collected funds.

In the event donation receipts are required for individuals participating in your event, please include MAWS’s charitable tax number on all publicity. # 88078 6892 RR0001

Approved: Not Approved:

Authorized Signature: Date: