What is Abuse?

Abuse is an attempt to control the behaviour of another person. It is a misuse of power which uses the bonds of intimacy, trust and dependency to make the victim vulnerable.

Types of Abuse include:

  • Physical:
    hitting, punching, beating, slapping, pulling hair, use of weapons, mutilation, burning, biting, murder
  • Sexual:
    any forced sexual contact ranging from unwanted touching to harassment and rape
  • Verbal:
    threats, insults, name-calling, unjust blaming and accusing, swearing, shouting
  • Psychological/Emotional:
    withholding love, sympathy or understanding; inadequate physical or emotional care; isolation; intimidation; extreme jealousy; destroying property; threatening to commit suicide
  • Financial:
    stealing, withholding money and/or denying access to employment opportunities, preventing access to household financial information
  • Spiritual:
    belittling a person’s spiritual beliefs or preventing them from attending the church, synagogue or temple of their choice

One out of every four Canadian women will suffer some type of abuse during her lifetime. Every year 1 in 10 Canadian women is physically abused by her partner.

Please visit the links provided to find out more about how MAWS and this web site can help you. Remember, if you're in crisis and a victim of abuse, you aren't alone. And if you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, there is help. There is hope. And someone will listen.