Protect Your Right to Privacy

We no longer show you how to erase your on- line activities. There is no way to completely erase your history, especially with spyware so easily available. You can however follow these steps to be safer when on-line:


If you believe your internet is being monitored use a safer computer.  This could be at work, a friends house, or a public library. Any where your abuser will not have access to the computer is a safer choice.

Remember that if you are being watched it could be more dangerous to suddenly change your internet habits. Deleting on-line history may make an abuser very suspicious.

E mails, texts, and Instant messaging are not secure ways to communicate.  Its always best to call our crisis line @ 1-877-977-0007.

Corded phones are more secure than cordless phones.  Newer digital cordless phones are more secure than older analogue ones.